I created this game last year in the Unity Engine with the intention to merge the farming sim genre with something more action-packed. The result was Fox v Goose!

The aim of this game is to plant crops and then defend them from waves of hungry Geese. If the player survives an in-game week without dying, they earn money from their crops, which can be used to buy new types of seeds.

I had a lot of fun making certain elements of this game. Firstly, I enjoyed making the blocky models such as the Fox and the Goose. I created them using the Goxel app for iPad, and it was my first time using a Voxel Editor. Secondly – and most surprisingly for me – I had a great time developing the UI functionality. It’s not exceptionally pretty, but I learnt a lot from making it. Finally, I had fun designing the game around touch-based controls – something I’d never done before.

I’d really like to make some more mobile games in the future, and improve on what I’ve learned in this project.

As always, the link below will take you to the repository for the game, which contains the Unity project and assets.

Fox v Goose – Farm Defence